MCI, a Commercial Fraud Reveals a Commercial Concealment Case in Auto Parts Store in Riyadh

23 Feb 2016
MCI inspectors detected illegal labors marketing counterfeit auto parts. This issue has led to reveal a commercial concealment case in auto parts store in Riyadh. The inspectors detected a number of evidence and documents showing that such store is being run by expatriates under the name and concealment of a citizen. The owner and the workers were summoned by the Ministry for investigation and taking the legal proceedings, then the case to be referred to the Bureau of investigation and Public Prosecution, after that to the Bureau of Grievances to issue the final judgment.

The details go back when the Ministry received a tip stating that illegal labors had been marketing counterfeit auto parts for famous brands in the industrial district, south of Riyadh. By tracking the source of such counterfeit parts, two warehouses were detected storing such parts in Al Faisaliah quarter, south Riyadh.

With the cooperation and coordination with the joint security campaigns, MCI had confiscated four thousand pieces of counterfeit gas filters. Upon inspecting the office, it turned out that such Est. is being managed by expatriates, and thus a commercial concealment case was suspected, especially after detecting checks with big amounts of money, in addition to stamps bearing the signature of the owner and other documents. Therefore, the citizen was considered guilty under the Commercial Concealment Law for exploiting his name and his CR.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry has been carrying out comprehensive campaigns to combat the commercial concealment in various parts of the kingdom. Consequently, many cases in violation had been detected by MCI inspectors, and the necessary legal procedures had been taken, which may include two years' imprisonment and a fine of one million riyals per violator, and deporting the non-Saudis from the Kingdom, as well as the closure and liquidation of the trade activity, also writing off the Commercial Registration and the prevention of practicing the same business for five years, in addition to the defamation in the local newspapers periodically against the violators at their own expense.

All those concerned are kindly requested by MCI to cooperate and lodge their complaints and observations related to anti-commercial concealment law or anti-commercial fraud through the toll free number 1900 or through the application of a Commercial Notification.​

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