MCI, Pursuing the Violators of the Anti-Commercial Concealment Law Leads to detect an Expatriate who exploits a psychologically ill Citizen for more than 17 Years

23 Feb 2015
​Video Clip, Feasibility Studies, Official documents and Sums of Money proved his Involvement
MCI pursuit of the violators of the Anti-Commercial Concealment Law resulted in the disclosure of a commercial concealment issue, and the victim was a psychologically ill citizen, exploited by an Arab expatriate, through opening a commercial Est. in Riyadh, where the expatriate held its management and worked in the import and sale of fabrics and leather for cars for more than 17 years, besides causing the Est. to be indebted for more than two million riyals. The Ministry shut down the said Est. and its warehouses, and those involved were summoned for investigation, while the case was referred to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution to complete the legal procedures and punish those involved.
This comes within the framework of the Ministry`s keenness to pursue the violators of Anti-Commercial Concealment law in the kingdom, where MCI announced earlier and gave warnings for all companies, institutions and individuals against cooperation with the violators of the Rules and Regulations of the Kingdom, which may expose them to legal investigation and statutory penalties.  The Ministry aims to reduce the phenomenon of commercial concealment, to find a regular and violation- free trading environment, and to enable the citizens of practicing business in a safe way.
The details go back when MCI receives a notification reported by the victim's son saying that an expatriate working at his father`s Est. had exploited his father who was psychologically ill for many years, explaining that he did not discover this matter earlier due to his young age, the case was unfolded after the escape of the involved expatriate to look for another victim, after the  transfer of the Est. ownership to another citizen, and the expatriate would ensure continuous  work for his own account, and the first citizen will be indebted for the big amount. Therefore, the complaint details had been followed-up and the necessary investigation had been carried out.
MCI revealed evidences about the expatriate that he admitted owning shops in the Kingdom, and a video clip in the social networks revealed the inauguration of one of the shops belonging to the expatriate in one of the Arab countries, where he admitted owning four shops in that country, in addition to his admittance about owning shops in the Kingdom and in Dubai, as well as a factory in India, the evidence included also the existence of official documents pertaining to personal accounts in foreign banks, besides his investment in the capital market in large amounts, that does not match his job title.
After searching out and investigation for several days carried out by MCI, it has been proved that the expatriate is directly responsible for the management of the Est. During MCI raid on the Est. site located in an apartment south of Riyadh, the following have been detected and seized: feasibility studies for investment projects, documents, papers, official stamps and checks. Storing goods is done in warehouses concealed from sight, and one of the expatriate relatives had been arrested, who was working for the said Est. as an accountant.
The Ministry also seized a contract of selling the Est. from the affected citizen to the second party, where it stipulated that the second party will bear the local and foreign debts of the Est., while the debts were paid by the sons and brothers of the first citizen, who is considered psychologically ill and holds medical reports confirming his irresponsibility for his deeds.
MCI had announced earlier the start of taking stern measures against the violators of the Anti-Commercial Concealment Law, through which a number of deterrent penalties were identified, such as imprisonment for two years and a fine of one million riyals for each violator, as well as defaming the names of the violators in the local newspapers at their expense, also stopping the commercial activity and abolishing the Commercial Registration, besides the liquidation of the business and deporting the non-Saudis from the Kingdom.
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