MCI campaign to protect the sport clubs trademarks seized more than 71.000 counterfeit product during the last two weeks

22 Aug 2016
​Covered more than 3,000 outlets in various regions of the Kingdom
In consequence of MCI inspection field trips - within the campaign to safeguard the brands of sports clubs - more than 71.157 counterfeited products were sized from 3755 location in various regions of the Kingdom, and about 558 commercial violations have been issued against the shop owners. MCI call the violators for further investigations and follow the legal procedures in agreement with trademark system to combat commercial fraud and safeguard intellectual property rights. 
MCI in cooperation with Saudi General Authority for Sports had launched a campaign that lasted for two weeks and aimed to prevent owning, displaying and selling sports clubs counterfeit products because they are substantial financial sources for the Saudi clubs and protect the national economy from harmful practices.
MCI and Saudi General Authority for Sports called the sports clubs to register their brands officially to preserve their rights and express their determinations to continue their efforts that will safeguard their intellectual rights and apply the law against the violators in cooperation with other organization. 
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment will continue to take legal actions against anyone proved to be involved in the storage, distribution and sale of counterfeit products of Saudi sports clubs' trademarks, and inform the shops and outlets not to possess or display any counterfeit products.

The ministry called consumers to report their complaints to the consumer call center using this number 1900, or through the application "Commercial Report."
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