MC inspectors conduct 6,000 visits to outlets in Madinah during Hajj

22 Jul 2022


The Ministry of Commerce officials ran 5,966 inspection visits covering outlets, gas stations, auto tire stores, and jewelry stores in Madinah.

The visits started at the beginning of the Hajj season 1443 H and resulted in issuing 440 citations on the spot to those found in violation. The inspectors pursued legal action against infringing outlets and seized and confiscated over 10,524 products that did not meet specifications.   

The Ministry is increasing the number of inspection rounds in Makkah and Madinah, as well as the roads leading to the holy sites and the central areas of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque to ensure that sufficient commodities and food supplies are available.  

The teams check expiry dates, keep an eye on practices of commercial fraud and price manipulation, follow up on the commitment of outlets and stores to place price tags on commodities, and make sure that the price placed on the commodity matches the price displayed in cash registers.

The Ministry's goal is to make sure that promotions are legitimate and that they can accommodate the growing number of pilgrims, Umrah performers, and visitors during the Hajj season. The Ministry will continue to conduct inspections and verify that outlets follow consumer protection regulations and it will take action against any infractions or anything that disrupts the supply and demand cycle. 

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Last Modified 24 Jul 2022