H.E. Minister of Commerce and Investment Hails the Establishment of the State Security Presidency by saying that this would enhance the Security Efficiency and Improve the Competitiveness of the Kingdom Globally

22 Jul 2017
​His Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Investment, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, welcomed the Royal Orders, issued by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, which stipulated a number of decisions and regulations, including the transfer of a number of responsibilities and jurisdictions from the Ministry of Interior, for the establishment of the Presidency of the State Security.
H. E. stressed that the establishment of the State Security Presidency and the creation of a Specialized Central Apparatus to oversee the integrated security system will have a positive impact on our homeland. H. E. added that this decision would contribute to the Ministry of Interior's focus on its basic functions as a Ministry of Services. It would consolidate as well the security efforts and contribute to the collection of information with extreme accuracy. This Royal Order would enable the Ministry of Interior to improve the quality of its e-services in all its sectors. It also contributes to the development of traffic services and the reduction of accidents. The Royal Order would help in the studies, re-engineering roads and upgrading the efficiency of traffic systems. Therefore, this decision would have an impact on economic and health at the same time, also it would reduce the public expenditure and enable optimal utilization of infrastructure and reduce its relevant maintenance cost.
As far as the drug control is concerned, H.E. pointed out that this decision would contribute to a greater focus on drug control and related services (Behavior, Awareness, Health), it would enable to redirect the expenditure to positive economic activities.
H. E. pointed out that this Royal Order will lead to the flexibility and development of work in a functional way, it would enhance the imports of the Saudi ports, both by air or by sea, in addition to increasing the contribution of Saudi ports and customs in the national economy, where both sectors would focus fully on the economy. This would improve their services and speed up the procedures of customs clearance and increase reliance on radiation inspection to reach the global accepted rates, which offset the missed opportunities of ports, and thus support the economy and increase its revenues.
H.E. added that this Royal Order would enable these government authorities to develop and facilitate their procedures and make them more flexible, and to focus on the procedural service role to develop the economy.
H.E. considers that one of the objectives of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 is to raise the Kingdom's competitiveness in the global indicators relevant to security and safety. Therefore, this Royal Order would achieve that and it would give the Kingdom an advanced rank in the international reports and indicators. This would positively reflected on the economic activity and it would facilitate as well the privatization of the remaining services at the Ministry of Interior (Which could be privatized) and it would rationalize the expenditure on such services from the public budget.
H, E. said that this Royal Decree would enhance the state's efforts to identify the suspicious ways of using funds in the economic cycle, from establishing a facility to its exit from the market, as well as the means of using the funds in cover up and money laundering activities. By combating this phenomenon, we come to know the size of the positive economy, and develop the proper systems for it, besides imposing the necessary penalties to avoid any financial imbalance.
H. E. Dr. Al Qasabi emphasized that the creation of a Centralized Security Apparatus with comprehensive political, social and economic information would improve the accuracy of information and reduce the cost of obtaining it, and thus raise the security efficiency. Consequently, this would be reflected positively on the economy. In addition, the consolidation of budget for the security authorities, with a single specialization, would enable more rationalization of expenditure and efforts consolidation.
H. E. pointed out that the establishment of the State Security Presidency would promote and enhance investment, as well as facilitate and ease the procedures, also create job opportunities for the citizens.
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