The Real Estate Shareholding Commission Has Paid the Due Amounts for "Al Rabia " Shareholding and Warns of the Purchase in Al Husseiniya

22 Apr 2014
MCI Real Estate Shareholding Commission called the shareholders of Al Rabia Scheme in Al Dawadmi, belonging to Saleh Al Mehaimeed Company for development and industrial investment to contact the management of the shareholding in the company to receive the cheques issued in the names of the shareholders after the completion of the legal and accounting procedures.
The Commission announced the completion of the disbursement of the remainder of the capital to the shareholders with a total value SR ( 18 176 417 ) million, which represents 78% of shareholders' equity totaling 145 shareholders, this is after delivering a down payment of the  capital value amounting to 22%, noting that the profit of the shareholders will be paid after the completion of the legal procedures of the instrument. The concerned shareholders can also visit the website of the Commission for more details on the shareholding and the disbursement procedures.
It is worth mentioning that the said Commission will soon announce the start of the disbursement of the shareholders due amounts in Bakkah Tower shareholding which represents the capital and profits, and is expected to achieve a high percentage of profits due to the selling price, which reached more than SR 127 million riyals.
On the other hand, the Commission warned of buying any piece of land in the scheme of Al Husseiniya shareholding in Makkah belonging to Musa bin Obaid Al Harbi. The Commission is currently working on completing the regulatory and accounting procedures for the liquidation of the shareholding.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018