Recent Statistics Show 1,200,000 Calls Received by MCI Consumer Notification Center During 2015 AD

22 Feb 2016
Ministry of Commerce and Industry had received 1.200.000 calls through the Consumers Complaints Center during 2015 AD. Consequently, the Ministry responded to such calls and had made the necessary follow up, and then all complaints had been referred to the competent authorities.

According to the annual statistics, the rate of consumer satisfaction reached 72% of the complaints received through the toll free number 1900, or through the fax, MCI website and the social networking sites.

Most of the complaints focused on the violations of non-compliance with the warranty terms, lack of spare parts and maintenance, contractual disputes, non- replacement of items or refund, lack of a price tag on the product, as well as defects in the products, difference between the price tag and the cashier, overpricing related to foodstuffs and luxury items and the false promotion ads.

The complaints against Anti-Commercial Fraud Law were the highest, with 74%, and the complaints related to supply & Provision reached 24%. Such rates were followed by the complaints against property and real estate, Commercial Concealment and the financial fraud.

The Ministry received the highest complaints from Riyadh, followed by Makkah, the eastern region and thenMedina.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has been doing its best to pursue, follow up and analyze the consumer complaints continuously to recognize the most important obstacles facing the consumer, and then to find the proper solutions, beside monitoring the changes in the patterns of notifications and complaints to see the impact of the awareness campaigns and the public policies adopted to protect the consumer.
It is worth mentioning that the Consumer Notification Center is specialized in receiving and finishing the complaints about any irregularities automatically, where smart devices are used to perform the work as soon as possible.

Since MCI is so interested in facilitating and speeding up the transactions, the consumers are kindly requested to lodge their complaints through MCI website by using their smartphones, they can as well attach photos or send the location easily, beside reviewing the recalling of goods and having an idea about the campaigns launched by MCI, including the news related to the consumer.

MCI confirms its permanent keenness and interest to consider all the consumers complaints and notifications, promising that it will do its best to finish such cases in record time, indicating at the same time its intention to redouble the efforts in order to provide an organized business environment that preserve the rights of consumers and protect them from any harmful practices.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018