Dr. Al-Qasabi heads the Saudi delegation participating in the meetings of the "COMCEC."

21 Nov 2016
​Consider ways to enforce the trade volume between the countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation
Saudi Arabia's delegation in the meetings of thirty-second session of the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation "COMCEC" will be headed by HE Dr. Majid bin Abdullah AL- Qasabi the Minister of Trade and Investment, in Istanbul -Turkey during the period from 21 to 24 Safar 1438 AH, corresponding to 21 to November 24, 2016, and aims to discuss some economic issues for the member countries of the Islamic Cooperation Organization.
The thirty-second session of "COMCEC" will discuss the strategy and the implementation of the committee's agenda, the development the Islamic finance strategies, Ten Year Plan for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, examines the global economic developments, promote the intra-regional trade among the OIC countries, enforce the role of the private sector in economic cooperation, develop transport and tourism industry. "COMCEC" is also interested in increasing agricultural productivity and sustainability of food security and poverty alleviation.
It is worth mentioning that the Standing Committee of the Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC) was established during the Third Islamic Summit in Makaah's conference in 1981, and chose the president of the Republic of Turkey as its chairman at the Fourth Islamic Summit in 1984. It also includes a membership of 57 countries, in addition to the five countries as observers and representatives in the four continents.
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