MC, the New Anti-Commercial Concealment Law Enables the Criminal Investigation Officers in a number of Authorities to Control Concealers and to get Evidence by using Electronic Devices

21 Aug 2020

​The new Anti-Commercial Concealment Law has enabled the concerned authorities to control crimes and violations, stipulated in the law, by appointing employees who will have the authority of criminal investigation. This will be effected by a decision of the Minister after the approval of their relevant departments. Regulations to be issued by the Council of Ministers to grant rewards to those working in controlling and detecting any violations of the said law.

The articles of the said law stipulated that the investigation of crimes and violations stipulated in the law to be carried out by employees who will have the status of criminal investigation and to be appointed from the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, the General Authority for Zakat and Income and other competent authorities. Evidences for crimes and violations of the law will be carried out by using all methods of proof, including the electronic evidences.

The law affirms that those who have the status of criminal investigation will conduct investigation, search, inference and control crimes and violations stipulated in the provisions of the said law. They also have the power to carry out control tours, enter suspected facilities and their relevant offices, branches, and warehouses, as well as inspect the vehicles used by such facilities, including as well any location where economic activity is practiced.

The law also authorize those who have the status of criminal control to inspect and control records, data and documents of the suspected facilities, also to view the recordings of their surveillance cameras, as well as to request disclosure and to get information related to their activities and relations with any party or person.

In addition to waxing the sites and safes that cannot be opened until they are examined, also summoning all suspected persons or anyone who has information that may be useful in uncovering the crime or violation, besides hearing his statements and recording that, in addition to seeking the assistance of the police and the competent authorities when needed.

The new Anti-Commercial Concealment Law stipulated that the control procedures to be confidential, so it is not permissible to disclose or uncover any information, records, data and documents related to the institutions except within the limits of what is required by this issue and in accordance with the provisions of the relevant rules and regulations.

Notably, the new law for combating the commercial concealment, which has been recently approved by the Council of Ministers, is based on mechanisms that contribute to eliminating the sources of commercial concealment, as well as to put an end to the shadow economy.

The new law included heavy penalties, such as five-year imprisonment, a fine of up to five million riyals, and the seizure and confiscation of the illegal funds of the violators after issuing final court rulings against them.

In addition to other penalties, including the closure of the facility subject of the crime, liquidating the trade activity, writing off the commercial registration, preventing the convicted person from practicing any economic or activity for a period of five years, besides deporting the non-Saudi from the Kingdom and not to be allowed to return for work.

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Last Modified 23 Aug 2020