MCI round off Ramadan tournament

21 Jun 2016
​The Ministry of Commerce and Investment round off Ramadan football tournament, with the participation of 14 teams representing various sectors of the Ministry, and active attendance of the ministry officials and staff. The Tenth Force team won the trophy in the final match 4-1 competing against The Pioneers team.

This comes within the internal communication activities that the ministry organized for the employees during the holy month of Ramadan, which also included an intellectual competition and Umrah trip for employees and one of their family member.

The Ministry aims to strengthen internal communication activities for its employees throughout the year and organize events that go with the nature of the seasons. And build a culture of effective communication through sharing knowledge, collaboration and increase employee interaction to create a distinctive and motivating work environment.

The ministry also aims to develop and activate the role of internal communication and work on everything that would strengthen the bonds of cooperation, creating motivating and productive work environment and increase effective methods of communication.
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