MCI launch the E-portal "A'MAL" to announce the names of the candidates for shareholding corporation administration boards

21 Jun 2016
​The Ministry of Commerce and Investment launched a service to announce the names of the candidates for closed shareholding corporation administration boards through the E-portal "A'AMAL". The new service will enable all those interested in the business sector to be acquaintance with the statement of membership candidate names for corporation administration boards - After completing the requirements and presented them -before the appointment date of the General Assembly through

The company shareholders and dealers have the right to get this kind of information. Therefore, the ministry increased the levels transparency and disclosure in the corporations’ sector.

Accessing the enterprises' information, listing the statement of the candidates’ names, the display of disclosure and transparency commitment level, the application of best corporate governance and the levels of commitment to the regulations and instructions will enable companies and shareholders to take the right business decisions that will affect growth and profitability.

The Ministry of Commerce and investment by A'AMAL e-portal is continuously and effortlessly providing everything that will facilitate and encourage companies’ decision makers to commit to the rules and the disclosure and transparency policies.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018