MCI, Six Months to Register and Update the Commercial Agencies and Abolishment for those Non-Compliant

22 Mar 2015
The Commercial Institutions and Companies are requested to Register their Agencies and Update the Registered Ones
MCI would like to announce to all companies and institutions, which have commercial agencies contracts, to take the initiative and register these contracts in the Agents and Distributors Record. The Ministry stressed that it will apply the penalties set forth in the Commercial Agencies System against those who do not adhere to register during a period of six months starting from 01/06/1436 AH. Notably, it is permissible to register more than one agency for a product or a single client in case of multiple agents.
The Ministry said that those enrolled in the Agents and Distributors Record are kindly requested to update and renew the database of their expired commercial agencies during a period of six months starting from 01.06.1436 AH. Otherwise, their agencies will be written off administratively. To perform the requested update, the agent must provide a letter from the entrusted company in the country of origin, certified by the competent authorities, and to be translated by a certified translation office, stating the renewal and validity of the agency agreement.
These measures will contribute in preserving the rights of the agencies parties and clarify their obligations towards the consumers, and will enhance the application of other related systems, such as Anti-Commercial Fraud System, Commercial Brands and others.
Only those who are registered in the Agents and Distributors Record can consider themselves as agents or distributors in the media, they can also benefit from the speed of their products release via the customs ports.
Meanwhile, MCI emphasizes that the agents and distributors must commit to provide maintenance services, spare parts and guarantee the manufacturing quality for the products subject of the agency, whether imported by them or by others, and they must be in conformity with the Gulf Standards and Specifications, according to the added provisions of Article II of the Commercial Agencies System and the provisions of the related Implementing Regulations. Also, the aforementioned provisions of Article II would be applied on importers, even if they are not agents or distributors, and on anyone who has taken the sales process directly or through a third party as a craft and with the intention of a profit. Anyone who violates the provisions of this article will be subject to the same penalties applied on agents and distributors.

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