MCI is going to launch the second questionnaire to measure the consumer satisfaction with the automobile agencies in the Kingdom

21 Jan 2014

MCI will conduct a survey and the results will be published to support the car  sector's competitiveness and to improve services


MCI is going to launch the second questionnaire to measure the consumers' satisfaction with the services provided to them by the automobile agencies in the Kingdom next week, the outcome resulted will be published later  for the community and the local agencies,  the Ministry will discuss these findings with the local agencies and manufacturers to improve and develop the cars sector.
This came after the Ministry had launched the first questionnaire last June and the results were published in the media. These results had been shared with the local agencies and the manufacturers where they showed their interest in improving their services quality in the kingdom and promised to develop that.
MCI  had adopted to conduct  the survey in January and June each year, aiming at monitoring the performance of agencies and ensure the improvement in the proportion of consumers' satisfaction on an ongoing basis .
 MCI  communicated  with the manufacturers during the last period to inform them on the results of the previous questionnaire and requested their presence directly in the Kingdom to supervise and follow-up the performance of their agents to ensure the improvement and raise the level of services provided to consumers.

The results of the first questionnaire, which was released and published last year, showed that 61% per cent of consumers had expressed dissatisfaction with the level of services provided versus 11% per cent of those who expressed their satisfaction, while 28% percent said they were satisfied to some extent.

This came as an extension to the role of the Ministry and its care about the importance of organization and development of the automobile sector in the Kingdom, MCI is keen to play an active role in the achievement of a fair competitive environment, which will be resulted in raising the level of services provided to the consumer.
The aim for informing the car agencies in the Kingdom on the results of the study is to highlight the positive and negative points with them, so that they can develop and improve their business and services in line with the consumer`s satisfaction. MCI is seeking to display those results on the mother global corporations to define and keep them informed about the most prominent strengths and weaknesses of their agents in the Saudi market, to support the quality of their work and to be compatible with the international practices adopted, which will result in the development and improvement of the performance of the important cars sector in a very high quality.
 It is worth mentioning that the questionnaire consists of four main parts, and begins with the consumer`s assessment to the level of the service provided to him in car sales, followed by the evaluation of the service provided in the maintenance centers, and then assess the level of satisfaction with the services of spare parts, and finally to assess the level of satisfaction with the customer services.
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