Repaying SR 2 Subsidy per a Kilo, Clause to Export Poultry

20 Dec 2012
​MCI issued a decision stipulating repaying of SR 2 subsidy per a kilo, as a clause prior to export poultry. The decision followed approval of MCI Multi-ministerial Supply Committee, comprising representatives of the ministries of Finance, Commerce and Industry, Agriculture to put poultry export under special rules, demanding to repay an estimated subsidy of SR 2,000 per ton.
Previously, a ministerial decision has suspended exporting of fleshy poultry (White Meat), Until a new system set to recover the subsidy.
MCI reaffirms, in this respect, maintaining the saturation of the local market and meeting its needs of all commodities, in order to maintain, alike, the stability of price levels and to avoid unreasonable hikes. 
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018