MCI Launches the Third Questionnaire to Measure the Consumer Satisfaction about the Services of the Automobile Agencies and the Manufacturers

20 Sep 2014
MCI Confirms its Intention to Proceed with the Development of the Auto Sector and Improving the Services
MCI has launched the third questionnaire to measure the consumers' satisfaction about the services provided by the car agencies and the manufacturing companies in the Kingdom in order to improve the auto sector and to improve after-sales services. 

MCI had started doing a questionnaire for the auto sector in June last year, and announced it would do so on a regular basis, while the second questionnaire was launched late last January, the results and findings were announced in the media. These results had been shared with the local agencies and the manufacturing companies, where they show their interest to improve the level of their services in the Kingdom. 

MCI had adopted to do the questionnaire twice a year, in order to monitor and follow up the performance of after-sales services for car agencies, because this sector represents a high importance and because of the high proportion of citizens' complaints on this sector compared with other sectors. The Ministry seeks to ensure improvement in the rate of consumers` satisfaction on an ongoing basis. 

The Ministry also proceeded during the last period to communicate with the manufacturing companies to keep them informed about the results of the previous questionnaire, and asked for their presence directly in the Kingdom to supervise and follow-up the performance of their agents to ensure the improvement and raise the level of services provided to consumers. 

The results of the second questionnaire have shown that 67% per cent of the participants are dissatisfied with the performance of automobile agencies in the Kingdom, while 7.5% per cent expressed full satisfaction with the services provided to them, with an increase of 5.25%. 

  This comes as an extension of the role of the Ministry and its interest in the importance of organizing and developing the car sector in the Kingdom, and its keenness to play an active role in achieving a fair competitive environment, which leads in raising the level of services provided to the consumer. 

It is worth mentioning that the questionnaire consists of four main parts, and begins with the consumer`s assessment about the level of service provided to him in the car sales, followed by   the evaluation of the service provided in the maintenance centers, and then assess the level of satisfaction with the spare parts services, and finally to assess the level of satisfaction with the customer services.  

MCI called on all the consumers to participate in the questionnaire on the Ministry's website through the link
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