Saudi Egyptian Joint Committee Holds its 14th Session Next Week, In Riyadh

20 Apr 2013
The meetings of the Saudi Egyptian Joint Committee, in its 14th Session Next Week, will take part In Riyadh, under the co-chairmanship of Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. TAWFIG FAWZAN ALRABIAH and his Egyptian counterpart Dr. Hatim Saleh.
In a press remarks, MCI undersecretary for Foreign Trade Dr. Mohammed Al-Kathiri said there will be on the table of the session a host of issues, ahead is the Saudi stalled investments case file in Egypt, a matter which will be revisited, as it has been, already discussed during the last visit of Dr. ALRABIAH, ahead of a businessmen delegation, last year to Egypt, during which the two sides agreed to tackle all difficulties facing these investments and work towards overcoming them, in order to serve both sides' interests.
MCi is still following up the issue with the Egyptian side, to solve them.
In addition, according to Al-Kathiri, the session on accomplishing procedures to sign a number of accords and programs, initially inked by the two sides, related to a wide range of aspects of cooperation in industry, social affairs, standardization, evading double taxation, maritime transport and power grid linkage. There are, also MoUs in the fields of water resources and environment protection, culture, education, health, economy, commerce, technology and transportation.
Preliminary meetings to lay ground for the session, will be presided over by Dr. Al-Kahtiri and his Egyptian counterpart Sayed Abdullah, on 12-13/6/1434, which are to be concluded by the ministerial encounter, the next day on 14/6.  
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