MCI Awarded the Pioneers of Marketing Prize for the Hashtag “ Know Your Right”

19 Feb 2017
Ministry of Commerce and Investment has been awarded the Pioneers of Marketing Prize for the Hashtag “Know Your Right”, which was specified by the Ministry for Media Campaigns since its launching in 2013 AD.

MCI has been ranked the second in the Hashtag course, since it has been sending, through “Know Your Right” Hashtag, a series of awareness messages to the consumer over four years. MCI aims to promote the principle of "Know Your Right" with the consumer and the merchant alike.

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has launched within the program "know Your Right" several campaigns targeting the consumer. These campaigns proved to be effective in regulating the market and saving the consumer’s rights, namely: "I’m in Handcuffs after Editing the Cheque”, this is to raise the awareness that it is a crime to edit checks without balance, also the campaign "Don’t Ask How Much", this is to adhere on putting the price tag on all products clearly and legibly , as well as the campaign "Take the Rest," to make the consumer aware of his right by taking the rest of the amount even in coins when purchasing.

Within MCI awareness campaigns “Know Your Right”, the phrase “No Return or Replacement for Sold Goods” is prohibited, this is to oblige the stores of returning the defective goods, also "Proud of our Language" to comply writing the bills in Arabic language, as well as you have the right of "Two Year Warranty” , this is for the minimum warranty for all electrical and electronic appliances, in addition to the campaign" No Additional Charges "to prevent adding additional charges on using the credit cards.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018