MCI Would Like to Survey the Opinions of those Interested and the Public on the Draft Executive Regulations of E-Commerce System

18 Sep 2019

​​Based on the principle of participation and transparency, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment calls on those interested and the public to express their views and suggestions on the draft executive regulation of E-Commerce System, through the following e-mail (, deadline 18/2 / 1441H corresponding to 17/10 / 2019 AD.

MCI has explained that the draft executive regulation aims to enhance the role of e-commerce and raise the proportion of e-commerce in the retail sector and to ensure credibility and transparency in e-commerce transactions.

 Among the most prominent features of this draft regulation is to organize the practice of e-commerce, based on the residence, also identifying cases of contract termination, as well as organizing the activity of authenticating the e-stores, in addition to protecting the consumer data, besides organizing the  electronic advertisements and the electronic platforms that play the role of mediation.

The according to this proposal, the residence of e-commerce practitioner, of a natural character, will be considered his address, as per the registered national address. This is in case he does not have a business location in the Kingdom.

 The draft regulation also specifies other cases, such as if the subject of the contract is a product containing several elements that have been joined together and cannot be returned to its original state, in which it was delivered, or if the item of the contract is a product subject to damage during the allowed period of terminating the contract.

The system and the draft regulations attach great importance to the protection of consumer personal data. In case of consumer personal data being hacked, the service provider must notify the National Authority for Cyber Security and the consumer, so that they can take the necessary measures.

The draft regulation also includes organizing the documentation or authentication activity for e-stores, where the documentation parties should be committed to provide a qualified and trained staff to provide the necessary documentation or authentication service, in accordance with the provisions of the system and the relevant regulations. They should publish on the website their policy related to dealing with complaints and requests of consumers.

In order to protect the consumer against misleading  advertisements, the draft regulation requires that the electronic advertisement, when published or transmitted, should include that it is an advertising item.

The draft regulation addressed the e-platform activity that act as a mediator, where the e-platforms are committed to publish on their website clearly the terms and conditions of using the platform, as well as the rights and obligations of users, also the methods of preserving their personal data, besides the relevant restrictions, and the applied policy to receive complaints from service providers and consumers and how to be treated, in addition to the policy of dispute settlement between the service providers and consumers.

To view the draft regulations of e-commerce system, please click here.

To download the feedback form, please click here.

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