Preventive, Intensive and Inspection Rounds have been carried out by MCI, in Preparation for Pilgrimage and to verify the Validity and Quality of Commodities

17 Sep 2015
More than 40,000 Items have been seized in a Proactive, Preventive and Intensive Rounds
MCI has completed its preparations for the current Hajj season 1436 AH, by implementing intensive, preventive and control rounds on shops and stores located in (Ihram) sites and all roads leading to the Two Holy Mosques and Holy Places, where more than (4211) various invalid foodstuffs have been seized and confiscated, including: (Zamzam water, frozen chicken, frozen meat, potatoes, frozen chicken parts, burger meat, pickles, cheese, Indomie, pineapple jam, olive oil, juice, biscuits, dairy products, milk, cake, potato chips, tea, cookies with dates, croissant, orange juice, soda, spices, candy delight).
Also more than (40,000) non-food items, not complying with the Saudi Standard Specifications and in violation of the Consumer`s Protection Regulation, have been confiscated as well, including (electric connections, electric plugs and outlets, mobiles and chargers, accessories for mobile phones, chains, skull shapes, cosmetic, Al Harameen Eyeliner, cream, Vaseline, incense, henna, shampoo, soap , washing liquid, handbags, perfume) 
The Ministry`s works included: intensifying the control and inspection over the shops and stalls to monitor violations related to consumer protection and to verify the quality and validity of foodstuffs, and to respond to reports and notifications of consumers in Makkah, Medina and Holy Places, as well as to check the availability of sufficient stock of foodstuffs and commodities to meet any increase in demand , also the number of refrigerated vehicles, scheduled to enter the Holy Places, have been increased to 193. Besides, 2000 roaming vehicles carrying foodstuffs and catering items have been added as well. This is in coordination with the Public Security, the Secretariat of the Holy City and the Executive Committee of Watering and Refada.
MCI has pointed out in a statement that its comprehensive plan for the current Hajj season would include the implementation of an intensive field rounds on jewelry and precious metal shops to verify calibration and to check the safety of the scales used in such stores. In addition to the implementation of inspection rounds on fuel stations, especially located on the pilgrims routes, to calibrate the fuel pumps, along with the shops for selling and replacing tires, in order to verify their quality and validity, and to confiscate the second hand and expired ones.
Meetings held among the Ministry`s officials and the owners of foodstuffs and catering companies in the Holy Places, resulted in the estimation of the number of takeaway, cooked and uncooked meals, targeted to be provided by such companies during Hajj, to reach about (6.6) million hot and cold meals.
Meanwhile, MCI has put an alternative plan for the emergency situations, in addition to its comprehensive plan for this pilgrimage season. All those responsible for the implementation of these plans have been instructed by MCI to exert maximum effort and care, to harness all possibilities, to gather all powers and to cooperate with other relevant authorities, so as to provide the best services to pilgrims.
This comes within the efforts, follow-up and keenness of the Ministry to serve the pilgrims, through preparing and finding all necessary means to serve them in Makkah, Medina and the Holy Places, since the start of their arrival to perform Hajj, until their departure.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018