Ministry of Commerce: Six candidates win Makkah Chamber elections

18 May 2022


The committee in charge of overseeing the election of members of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce in Makkah for the session (1443H-1447H) announced the results of the elections after the voting process concluded on Wednesday evening via the electronic voting system.

The overall number of votes cast was approximately 26 thousand, with over 9,600 male and female voters voting for 57 candidates to win six of the chamber's twelve seats.

The supervisory committee for the Chamber's Board of Directors Elections approved the election of six candidates, and the winners are: Nayef Mishal Soroor Al-Zaidi who received 1,777 votes; Khalid Radha Moayed Al-Harthy who received 1,672 votes; Mustafa Abdulrahman Mustafa Rajab who received 1,531 votes; Fawaz Iqab Musaad Al-Zaid Al-Shareef who received 1,483 votes; Ahmed Rabeh Hamed Al-Shareef who received 1,431 votes; and Faisal Qayed Saeed Qayed who received 1,413 votes. 

The elections organizing committee acknowledged that the voting process followed the organizational structure and that current technical methods were used in the election and voting, and that voters had the option of voting individually or in groups for members of the Board of Directors.

The Ministry of Commerce supervises the elections of the chambers' Boards of Directors pursuant to the norms of the Chambers of Commerce Law and its implementing regulations, in order to improve openness and the effectiveness of the chambers' performance.

The Ministry monitors the commitment of candidates for chamber membership and their compliance with fair competition as well as the rights of other candidates, including the right not to influence their election campaigns.

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Last Modified 23 May 2022