The Real Estate Shareholding Commission is Paying the Shares for Bakkah Tower Shareholders with a Profit of 51%

18 May 2014
The MCI Real Estate Shareholding Commission began the payment of the shares for Bakkah Tower Shareholders, belonging to Akktar Office for Real Estate Investment, which represents the entire share capital in addition to a profit of 51%. The said Commission invited the shareholders who have never updated their data to deliver the official documents that prove their right in the shareholding accompanied with the following ( I.D. , the original documents of the shareholding, and be sure to add the correct IBAN ) to the nearest branch of the Arab National Bank to enable the Commission to start transferring  their shares  in the fastest time.

The Commission received all the necessary data from some of the shareholders and the accounting works have been completed and the transfer of the share capital with the profit has been started. The commission will continue the payment for the remaining shareholders when all the data and the necessary documents are handed over to the said commission. The commission has completed the liquidation of this shareholding recently by selling the land at a price of SR 19.450 per square meter with a total value of one hundred and twenty-seven million, nine hundred and eighty thousand riyals in favor of Home Real Estate Company that provided the highest price per square meter for the said shareholding land.

 It is worth mentioning that the Commission began  organizing auctions this year by starting with the auction of Al Rafe`a  facilities, and it is currently working to set up  a public auction for the sale of two farms belonging to " Kingdom Dates " shareholding  in the province of Bada`ea on Tuesday, 28/07/1435 , corresponding to 27/05/2014 AD , as well as the auction for the sale of Shalala land belonging to  Badr Trading Est. in the center of Riyadh on Thursday, 30/07/1435 , corresponding to 29/05/2014 AD
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