The Real Estate Shareholders Committee announces the liquidation of Rubu`a Makkah shares with a total value exceeding to one billion and four hundred million riyals

17 Dec 2013

​The Real Estate Shareholders Committee in MCI  announces today the liquidation of Rubu`a Makkah Shares belonging to the Office of  Sulaiman bin Saleh Al-Hammad  with a total value exceeding to one billion and four hundred million riyals, the Committee invited the shareholders to update their data at any of the branches of Arab National Bank, taking with them ( proof of identity,  the original  documents of the shareholding,  and making sure of adding the correct IBAN ) to enable the Committee to start transferring their due amounts in the fastest time.

The Committee had announced during the last period the names of a number of Real Estate shareholders and their owners that the Committee was unable to infer or find out  their addresses , or the owners were not responding to the addresses available with the committee, the said committee requested the owners of such shareholding or those who have any information about them to communicate quickly with the Committee to terminate and liquidate  these shares.
On the other hand, the Real Estate Shareholders Committee  and  through Arab Bank branches in the Kingdom continues receiving the shareholders in the (Kingdom Dates , Tumour Al Mamlakah) shares  for taking their data and the original  assets of their shares  and for updating their account numbers after obtaining the reference number for each shareholder through the link of Arab National Bank on the Internet, in preparation for the disbursement of the first phase of shareholders' equity by transferring  the entire capital to all shareholders .
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