MC: Inspectors visit 1971 auto agents, resellers and showrooms in two weeks Kingdom-wide

17 May 2022
Ministry of Commerce inspectors have made 1971 visits to auto agents, resellers and showrooms across the Kingdom over the past two weeks.

The inspection visits are intended to count the number of new cars and monitor their inventory to prevent any practices detrimental to consumers such as rising prices and also to penalize violators. 

Consumers have complained to the Ministry in recent weeks about the delay in delivering cars to them by auto agencies, resellers, and showrooms. There was also a long list of car reservation, and certain resellers and auto showrooms raised the prices of specific vehicle models.

Ministry of Commerce announced recently 10 immediate measures to address agents’ delay in handing over vehicles to consumers and subsequent rise in prices at car showrooms (Click here for more information).

The ministry is working with the competent authorities to increase inspection, monitoring, and follow-up on car agents, resellers, and showrooms, as well as imposing penalties on establishments that do not comply with the Kingdom's regulations and instructions, in order to curb any practices that compromise consumer rights.

The Ministry highlights the importance of consumers' roles and participation in monitoring any commercial practices or violations, which they can report to the ministry by calling the unified contact center at (1900) or using the app "A Commercial Violation" on smart devices.

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Last Modified 18 May 2022