“Maroof” an Initiative to Support e-Commerce in the Kingdom

17 Apr 2016
​E-commerce has become one of the fastest means of buying and selling as a result of the tremendous development in various communication techniques, which become an integral part of our daily life. The website “Maroof” is expected to be one of the best ways to consider and evaluate the electronic stores in the Kingdom, which will benefit all dealers of this e-commerce, either sellers or buyers, and thus supporting the e-commerce and the electronic shops, and their reliability would be increased.

In addition, the e-service “Maroof” will enhance the trust between the buyer and the seller, and it would enable the seller of having easy access with the community, it also gives a clear image of the quality of the e-Store services through the customers` comments and evaluation, as well as it would enable the buyer to write his comments and evaluate the whole purchasing experience, besides getting an idea and having a look at other customers` comments, more over this service would give the seller an opportunity for marketing his items and store through “Maroof" e-platforms, besides enabling the owner to add all his accounts in the social networking and all his contacts through his link in “Maroof” website, thus enabling the customers of keeping in touch with him. The merchant can distinguish his e-shop in several ways, most notably to be linked with his CR, then he would be awarded “Maroof” Golden Certificate.

It is worth mentioning that “Maroof" is a free e-service that guarantees the data confidentiality of its users. Subscription is only a matter of seconds through the website: www.maroof.sa. This initiative is an example of using the latest techniques and solutions for dealing with the modern world of e-commerce.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018
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