MCI destroyed 200 thousand bottles of Zamzam water and closed the involved warehouse in Makkah

17 Jan 2014
MCI raided the site with the participation of the police and municipalities and carried out the investigation with the owner

MCI has raided a warehouse allocated for storing and marketingZamzam  water for the shops in Makkah today. These shops are selling the water to the pilgrims and the visitors of the Holy Mosque, where 200 thousand bottles have been confiscated and destroyed on the spot, and the violating site is closed and  the owner has been summoned for  investigation.

MCI inspection teams had received a report from the competent authorities about the suspicious site, a team was sent immediately with the participation of the public security and the municipality of Misfalah , it had been turned out that  the said warehouse intentionally was filling the water in special bottles of different sizes without obtaining the official licenses and without the appropriate health supervision and contrary to the procedures followed in selling Zamzam water, MCI teams tried to stop the exploitation of Zamzam Water Name for promoting some goods illegally. 
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