Within the National Campaign of “A Homeland without Illegal Expat”, MCI Carries out Inspection Tours to Verify the Commitment of the Commercial Institutions

16 Nov 2017
Within the Comprehensive National Campaign to track and control the illegal expats and those violating the residence, labor and border security systems, the Ministry has carried out inspection tours on commercial establishments in different parts of the Kingdom, to verify the regularity of the commercial institutions, and the commitment of their staff with the Rules & Regulations, relevant to residence and labor systems, besides controlling the violators of Anti-Commercial Fraud Law, as well as Anti-Commercial Concealment Law.
MCI campaign, on its first day, resulted in the closure of 14 unlicensed facilities in Riyadh, in addition to the escape of the violators and illegal expats immediately after the start of the inspection campaign.
The Ministry also summoned the owners of 24 institutions in view of the commercial concealment suspicion, where they are heard and then referred to the Public Prosecution to complete the necessary legal procedures against them.

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment reaffirms to all investors in all commercial sectors not to employ illegal expatriates who violate the residence and labor regulations in any way, and to check and verify the expats documents and to ensure that they do not interfere with residence and labor regulations when dealing with them for any reason. Besides not giving shelter to any illegal expat or giving him a cover up in any way, also the expatriate should not be allowed to work for his own account.
MCI stresses that all parties participating in the Comprehensive National Campaign "A Homeland without Illegal Expat" will not hesitate to impose the maximum penalties on commercial establishments employing illegal expats and those violating the residence, labor and border security systems. All those employing, giving transportation or shelter to the illegal expats will be punished severely. 
It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Commerce and Investment is participating within 19 government agencies in the implementation of the National Campaign against the illegal expats. The aim of this campaign is to control the illegal expats and those violating the residence, labor and border security system, after the deadline granted to them by the Ministry of Interior, that they should leave the Kingdom by themselves without any fine or charges, with the possibility of returning to work in the Kingdom by official means.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018