Within the Mandatory Recalling Campaigns by MCI, the Third Phase of Recalling More than 300 Thousand Toyota Cars, to treat the Speed Stabilizer, has been started

16 Sep 2014
MCI has announced the start of the third phase of the mandatory campaign to recall more than 320 thousand Toyota cars in the Kingdom, due to a defect in the Brake Override System and to treat the Speed Stabilizers, starting on Friday, 02/12/1435 AH corresponding to 26/09/2014 AD. This is within the recalling campaigns carried out by the Ministry on a regular basis. 



No. of Recalled Cars


2005 – 2010



2007 – 2010



2008 – 2010


Lexus LX

2008 – 2010


Land Cruiser LC 200

2008 – 2011


Total of Recalled Cars


MCI had announced earlier the mandatory recalling for more than 400 thousand cars of ten kinds of Toyota and Lexus. The first phase included recalling 638 Lexus RX model 2010, while in the second phase 8378 Lexus ES model 2007 -2010 had been recalled to add the Brake Override System for the customers, free of charge.  

The Ministry confirmed at that time about obliging Toyota World Corporation and its local  agent  Abdul Latif Jameel Company to conduct a campaign to install the Brake Override System on Toyota cars in the Kingdom, in order to reduce the risk of starting cars at high speeds without the ability of the driver to stop or control it, similar to what had been done by the Japanese company in the United States.  

This has led the local agent to conduct permanent awareness campaign until the completion of installing the said system on all cars. This is for informing the car users in the Kingdom about the safest means to deal with starting the car at high speeds without the ability to stop or control it, so Saudi Arabia is the second country to take such measures after the United States of America. 

MCI reconfirmed that it would oblige each manufacturing company taking any similar international action to be applied in the Kingdom as well, and it will take all necessary procedures to ensure that the Saudi consumer is getting his rights. 
It is worth mentioning that MCI has published  recently an awareness film through its official account on the social networking site "Twitter" aimed at educating and giving awareness to consumers about how to behave in the event of a sudden acceleration while driving a vehicle.
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