Saudi Ministry of Commerce celebrates the International Day of Consumer Rights with 51 awareness exhibitions in various regions of the Kingdom

16 Mar 2022


The Saudi Ministry of Commerce organized 51 awareness exhibitions on Tuesday evening in the regions of the Kingdom to celebrate International Consumer Day, which falls on March 15 of each year, as part of its initiatives to inform consumers of their rights and responsibilities.
 The exhibitions distributed to the various cities and governorates of the Kingdom included many awareness messages aimed at strengthening the principle of rights, educating consumers and merchants of the consequences of the buying and selling process, transparency and clarity in commercial transactions, and protecting consumers from fraud and misleading practices.
 In those exhibitions, the Saudi Ministry of Commerce presented chapters of the Consumer Rights Guide. It distributed thousands of awareness copies of the Consumer Rights Guide in the automotive sector, e-commerce sector, gold, and jewelry, supply goods, durable goods, replacement and retrieval, in addition to responding to visitors' questions and inquiries about consumer rights.
 The interaction of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce with the International Day for Consumer Protection comes as a reminder of the consumer’s right through all media channels and field events in which the Ministry participates and the inspection campaigns it implements, as it receives their suggestions and reports on the number (1900), in addition to “Balagh App” and the official website of the Ministry on the Internet.

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Last Modified 20 Mar 2022