MCI, penalties on tires retreading factories continued, closing 4 factories in Jeddah within the intensive campaign that stopped as well the violating factories in Riyadh, Zulfi, Dammam and Khobar

15 Dec 2013

​The continued inspection campaigns of MCI teams have detected four tire retreading factories in Jeddah, having violations in production that may threaten the safety of the consumers, where they have been closed immediately , namely: The Branch of the General Company for Tire Retreading Ltd,  The Modern Tire Retreading Factory,  Al Jawad Factory  for  Tire Retreading and Treatment  , Al Howail Factory for Tires Retreading ,  more than 2,500 tires had been confiscated , and the owners were summoned for  investigation and taking  legal procedures against them.

The violations in production detected in the four factories included:  storage of recyclable tires with damaged ones that can not be recycled , poor storage of finished products where they are stored at random way and under the sun , the products do not comply with the Saudi  Standards and specifications , in addition to the presence of some remarks in the production hall such as the  lack of adequate lighting, the lack of organization and arrangement and the lack of safety systems for the plant and the workers .                          
The closing of factories comes as  a continuation of the intensive campaign implemented by MCI in close collaboration with the Saudi Standards, Specifications and Quality Authority for  Controlling  all tires retreading factories in various regions of the Kingdom , to protect the consumers from the dangers of their products  which may cause many fatal accidents to their users (God forbid) .
The MCI campaign started by closing two factories in Riyadh , Al Howail Factory for Tires Retreading,  and Tires Renewing Factory ,  Rayman factory  for Tires Retreading  in Zulfi , in addition to the three plants in the Eastern Region ,  Abdul Rahman Rashed Al Rashed Factory  for Tires Retreading and Al  Juffali & Brothers Factory  for Tires Retreading  in Dammam , and  the General Company's factory for Tire Retreading Ltd.  , and Tire Solutions Factory  for the Production of Tires  in Khobar  .
The Ministry said at that time that the tours included conducting performance tests, make sure of applying the correct ways to store  recyclable tires and ensure they do not exist at the sites of damaged ones, check the quality of keeping the finished products ,  the availability of safety systems for the factory and the workers , the quality of adequate lighting , organization and arrangement, explanatory statements on the product and indication of origin.
It is worth mentioning that the retreading factories specialize only in recycling and renewal of truck tires, where the transportation companies make contract  with those factories in this regard , the factories undertake not to recycle any tire that can not be renovated , along with the compliance with the specifications and standards that must be met when doing the renewal , and conducting the necessary tests on the retreaded tires to make sure of their safety.
This comes in line with the efforts of MCI during the last period in the seizure and confiscation of used and adulterated tires that are not conforming  with the Saudi standards and specifications from the markets  and shops in various parts of the Kingdom in order to eliminate the counterfeit  tires  and to protect the consumers from their harm .
MCI emphasizes that it will apply the legal penalties on  all the factories involved in the production of adulterated or counterfeit goods that may cause danger to the lives of consumers , and it will not tolerate with the shops and commercial markets that promote such goods.
MCI calls on all consumers to report cases of fraud and counterfeiting through the Report Center in the Ministry on the phone No. 800 124 1616.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018