MCI, “Commercial Notification" Won the Best Smart Phones Application Award

15 Nov 2014
MCI has won during the ceremony of the "Achievement" for e-Government in its third session, organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the award for the best electronic services via smart devices through the application of "Commercial Notification". This application, which was launched in mid-2013 AD, is considered one of the innovative projects that the Ministry is keen to implement with the highest international standards, and is working to develop that continuously.

  The consumer can, through the application of "Commercial Notification" provide notification about trading violations via smart phones with the ability to attach photos and the location of the violation directly, he can as well identify the shop, address and the type of offense, making it easier for the control role and the speed response of such notifications in the Ministry. Through this application, the consumer can review his previous notifications and know their status directly. In addition to that, the application allows reviewing as well the recalling of goods and getting an idea about the campaigns launched by the Ministry, including the special news for the consumer. The number of people, who have downloaded this application on their smart phones, reached more than (432.904), and in this regard, MCI has received more than (256. 281) notifications through this application since it was launched.

It is worth mentioning that MCI won awards for other projects at the ceremony of “Achievement” for electronic dealings in the same session, in the branch of providing “Better Service” to members of the community through the beneficiaries service for Consumer notification center (1900), and the consolidated call center for business and industry sector (920 000 667), as well as MCI won the Achievement Award in the branch of strengthening the National Economy through the Trademark Registration Service Electronically.

To download the application: Click here​
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