The National Program for Combating the Commercial Concealment Requires the Automotive Sector and Maintenance Workshops to Provide E-Payment System, deadline after 30 days

15 Oct 2019

​​This is within the Second Phase of the Program to be Implemented on Various Business Activities​

The National Program for Combating Commercial Concealment has announced the commencement of implementing the mandatory E-Payment System on maintenance workshops and various activities related to automotive sector such as (Car Balance, Wheel Puncher, Spare Parts, Auto Mechanics). All these activities should use the e-payment system, approved by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), starting from 18 Rabi Awal 1441 corresponding to 15 November 2019.

This procedure go in line with the second phase of mandatory e-payment system, which obliges workshops, stores and outlets in all regions of the Kingdom to provide e-payment systems, in order to enable the consumer to use these means and to reduce using cash payment.

This program will follow-up the implementation of e-payment system in coordination and cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. All automotive workshops should adhere and commit to this procedure. Notably, the e-payment system will be implemented and applied fully on all commercial activities on 6/1/1442 AH 25/8/2020 AD.

The National Program for Combating the Commercial Concealment has identified the roles of the parties involved in the application of this program and developing the mechanisms to control cash payment and to track its sources and ways of spending money in all outlets. This would contribute in the transformation process from cash payment to e-payment system.

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment will supervise and monitor the provision and use of e-payment system in various outlets, besides receiving and responding to consumers reports. In case the e-service is not available or some outlets abstain to provide such service, MCI shall impose the maximum legal penalties on the establishments not complying with this procedure.

These procedures go in line with the approved recommendations of the Supreme Royal Order relevant to combating the Commercial Concealment and unifying the efforts among various government sectors to regulate the financial transactions and to curb illegal exit of funds, depending on commercial cover-up.

It is worth mentioning that the parties involved in the initiative of the National Program for Combating the Commercial Concealment continue to work to unify the efforts and joint coordination for implementing the recommendations of this program, where each party is required to carry out the assigned tasks, based on certain mechanisms to achieve the objectives of this program, taking into account following-up and measuring the performance and commitment of each party within a specified period of time during all stages of the implementation of this program .

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Last Modified 16 Oct 2019