MCI Airs Questionnaire to Gauge Consumer's Satisfaction of Car Dealers' Provided Services

17 Dec 2018
​MCI puts on its online portal as well as on the mini-blogging platform of Twitter, a questionnaire on services provided by all car dealers' agencies in the Kingdom, to be acquainted with their behavior in selling and using, in order to conclude with solid findings and submit them to the local agencies, the society and the world parent companies, towards enhancing the sector, through meeting consumer's aspirations, in a way that guarantees access to high quality services from the dealers.
The step emanated from MCI belief in significance of organizing and promoting cars' sector in the Kingdom and keenness to play an active role in establishing a just and competitive environment, for the sake of raising the standard of service provided to the consumer.
MCI has, previously, distributed paper questionnaire across the Kingdom, to a systematic sample of public and private sectors' units, varsities, markets to cover and include all walks of the society.
Compiling and preparing the final questionnaire, has been done, also, in collaboration with specialist academicians and experts from the local universities, to ascertain being scientifically- based.
The public is invited to take part in the questionnaire on this link:
To air their points of view and show their range of satisfaction of car dealers, as the online questionnaire will be of a short while.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018