MCI Continues its Inspection Campaign on Counterfeit Electrical Appliances and Seized Six Thousand Items in Onaizah

15 Apr 2014
Damaging Quantities of Electric Extensions and Poor Phone Chargers 

MCI continued its inspection campaign on counterfeit and poor electrical appliances in the local market, where more than 6 thousand various violating items were seized and destroyed in the markets of  Onaizah,  and the legal procedures were taken against the violators. 

MCI had prepared a plan to control the violations in the markets of the province, to respond to the complaints, to protect the consumers from the dangers of those poor goods and to punish those involved in selling and marketing such items. This is as a continuation of the Ministry's efforts in that regard.

The seizures that had been confiscated Included: jacks and plugs, electrical extensions, mobile phone Chargers and electric heaters. 

It is worth mentioning that MCI had recently implemented comprehensive campaigns on warehouses and markets through its branches in various regions of the Kingdom to confiscate counterfeit electrical parts.  Large quantities of such items were seized and destroyed with the closure of the violating shops, and those involved had been summoned for investigation.

The results of such inspection campaigns were the confiscation of more than 1.5 million of counterfeit electric parts, contrary to the standards and specifications. That was after a raid on a residential villa at the center of Riyadh, where it was used as a repository to store counterfeit and fake items, which represent risk to consumers. That was considered the largest quantity seized by the Ministry.

The Ministry aims, through its campaign, to limit the sale of counterfeit and fake electrical appliances and electronics, which represent a serious risk to the life of the consumer, and to detect the fraud methods used in this regard.

MCI stresses that it will not tolerate with those marketing fake or counterfeit goods, particularly that threaten the health and safety of the consumer and it will apply the necessary legal procedures against the violators. 

MCI calls on all the consumers to report cases of fraud and counterfeiting through the Report Center in the Ministry on the phone No.  800 124 1616.
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