MCI & Saudi Exhibition and Convention Bureau Make Agreement to Combat Commercial Concealment Practices

15 Mar 2017
​The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has agreed with the Saudi Exhibition and Convention Bureau on cooperation and coordination to combat commercial cover-up practices during the exhibitions and conferences held in all regions of the Kingdom.
The agreement stipulates the exchange of information, related to the companies and establishments organizing Exhibitions and Conferences with the suspicion of violating Anti-Commercial Concealment Law, besides working together to raise awareness and warn against the economic and social harm and risk of the commercial cover-up.
The two parties agreed as well that MCI would hold workshops for the staff of the Saudi Exhibition & Convention Bureau on the Commercial Concealment Practices, and all possible methods to combat such practices, as well as to activate and implement the recommendations and outcome of the said workshops.
Meanwhile, MCI pointed out that this agreement comes as an activation of Article III of the Anti-Commercial Concealment Law, which stipulates "Every authority issues licenses for practicing trade activity, should follow-up the business facilities and shops that have got such licenses, to check and verify the regularity of their work, and to inform the Ministry of Commerce and investment about any violation related to cover-up”.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018