The Ministry of Commerce Refers the Owner of an E-Store, Specialized in Selling Mobile Phones, to the Security Authorities

14 Nov 2020


The Ministry of Commerce has referred the owner of an e-store specialized in selling mobile phones to the security authorities. It has been proved that the owner offered mobile devices at reduced prices through the e-store's website. He used to advertise that through a number of those who have influence in social media. He received transfers from buyers through the e-store's bank account at a value of more than 4 million riyals, but he neither adhere to deliver the devices to the buyers nor return the amounts to them within the period specified by law.

The Ministry of Commerce has confirmed that based on the reports and complaints received against the aforementioned e-store, this violation of suspected fraud has been referred to the security authorities for taking the necessary legal measures, also this violation of the e-store and the advertisers have been referred to the committee specialized in considering the violations of e-commerce law. This is in accordance with the provisions of e-commerce system and its implementing regulations, in preparation for imposing the legal penalties.
Notably, the Ministry of Commerce is monitoring the violations of all e-stores practicing e-commerce. This is in accordance with the Ministry’s competence to monitor and track e-commerce activity, and to protect and preserve the rights of consumers, as well as to create a competitive and fair commercial environment.
The Ministry of Commerce stresses its continuous follow-up regarding the implementation of e-commerce system, and that it will not hesitate to impose the legal penalties on the violating e-store. The fine may reach one million riyals, besides blocking the violating sites, also preventing the violators of practicing e-commerce activity.
The Ministry of Commerce urges all consumers to lodge their complaints and reports against the violating e-stores through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, using the following link:, or through MC Consumer Call Center (1900), or via the Ministry’s website. The Ministry of Commerce also urges the merchants and the practitioners of e-commerce to adhere with the E-Commerce Law and its Implementing Regulations. They can review it through the following link:

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Last Modified 15 Nov 2020