The Ministry of Commerce and Investment organizes Ramadan Football Championship and Umrah trip for its employees and their family members

14 Jun 2016
Within its policy of enhancing internal communication and attention to the development of the work environment

Within its initiatives in promoting internal communication environment, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment organized Ramadan football tournament, a cultural contest and free Umrah trip for its employees and their family members.

The Ramadan football tournament will last for ten days with the participation of 14 teams representing various sectors of the Ministry, competing for the championship trophy.

The preparation for the free Umrah trip began during the weekend for the employees who register their wish to go, accompanied by one family member. All the trip costs including transportation, housing, and all needs, covered by the Ministry. Also, the Ministry organized an informative cultural contest between the staff through the internal e-mail

This comes in the context of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment pursuit to promote internal communication activities throughout the year. And adapt these events with the nature of the seasons, to build a culture of effective communication and collaboration that will lead to increase employee interaction, and create a distinctive and stimulating work environment.

The Ministry is seeking to develop and activate the role of internal communication, to support the Ministry goals in participation and teamwork. And all that which strengthen the bonds of cooperation, productive work environment and effective methods of communication.

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