MCI Real Estates Committee, Transfer Equity of Rabuat Yasmeen Subscirbers

14 Apr 2013
​MCI Real Estates Committee began transfer of equity of Rabuat Al-Yasmeen scheme's subscribers, to Future Plans Company, at block no.11, while the balance, will be disbursed, later.
The committee exhorts all subscribers at the scheme, to report to any branch of Al-Bilad Bank, to update their documents, the IBAN, holding their original certificates, in order to facilitate direct remitting of dues to their accounts.
The committee has, recently, finished liquidating and paying equity of Future Plans Company's subscribers, in Al-Aridh Lot, Northern Riyadh, with a profit of 247.7% and Durat Al-Khalij scheme in Al-Khobar, with a profit of 95%.
Equities are being remitted, previously, directly to their accounts, following updating their data and checking their IBAN no. of each subscribers. 
On the other hand, the committee has sold, recently too, a number of plots of Al-Arjuan land lot, at King Abdullah quarter, in Riyadh, in a public auction, within less than three hours.
Furthermore, it is working now, in collaboration, with the Public Court and the Notary to evacuate the plots, for their owners, in order to begin disbursing the equity.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018