The Ministry of Commerce Inspects 3700 Hypermarkets in all Regions of the Kingdom, and confirms the Availability and Abundance of Foodstuffs and Consuming Items

14 Mar 2020


The inspection teams of the Ministry of Commerce have intensified their field tours on the shops and warehouses to verify the availability of basic foodstuffs and commodities. Accordingly, 3,723 hypermarkets have been inspected in all regions of the Kingdom.

The inspection tours showed abundance of supplies and consumables, stable prices, adequate stock and continuous supply of foodstuffs and commodities to the markets and outlets.

Meanwhile, The Ministry’s inspectors also carried out 764 inspection tours on the commercial establishments in Qatif Governorate during the period from 7 to 14 March 2020 around the clock.

The Ministry’s inspection rounds targeted the suppliers, wholesale and retail outlets selling foodstuffs and basic commodities (hypermarkets), also the centers selling medical products, to verify the availability of medical items that meet the needs of consumers and to ensure the availability of sufficient quantities in the markets, as well as to ensure the absence of black market or any manipulation in prices.

The Ministry is keen to monitor and follow up the supply of sufficient quantities of foodstuffs and consuming items, also to control and compare the offered prices, and communicate directly with the suppliers to ensure sufficient supply in the market and to create free competition for the benefit of consumers.

The Ministry of Commerce would like to confirm the continuity of controlling and inspecting the markets in all regions of the Kingdom, besides detecting and controlling any cases of fraud or counterfeiting. The Ministry will not hesitate to impose the legal penalties on the violators, in accordance with the Ministry’s Rules & Regulations.

The Ministry urges all consumers to report their complaints and observations through the Ministry’s Consumer Call Center (1900), or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, or via the Ministry’s website.

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Last Modified 15 Mar 2020