MCI, For the First Time in the History of the Kingdom, the Number of Votes for Riyadh Chamber of Commerce Elections Reached 700%

14 Feb 2020

​​The Total Number of Male & Female Voters in the E-Voting Exceeded 32.000

For the first time in the Kingdom, the election of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh has witnessed an unprecedented leap and a rise in voting and participation rates. Notably, this is the third election online.

The total number of votes reached 76,668, including 42,112 votes from the commerce sector and 34,556 votes from the industry sector, thus the percentage of votes reached 700%, compared to the previous session, in which the number of votes did not exceed 10,414 votes.

The total number of male & female voters reached 32,953, while in the previous session there were 10,414 male and female voters, so Riyadh Chamber of Commerce election has achieved a 216% increase in the participation rate, compared to the previous session.

This increase comes as a result of the growth of the Commercial Registrations in Riyadh in various commercial and investment sectors, in addition to enabling the individual voter to vote for four candidates, two from each category, previously the voting was limited to one candidate from each category.

It is worth noting that the committee supervising the elections of the eighteenth session of the Board of Directors of Riyadh Chamber of Commerce has announced the results of the voting, which was concluded yesterday evening.

MCI decision for voting online has enabled male and female voters to participate via a unified electronic link without the need to attend the polling stations. This was reflected on the increase in the participation rates for the election of the Board of Directors of Riyadh chamber of Commerce and Industry.

MCI has endeavored to facilitate the voting procedures for male and female by developing the method of voting from manual to electronic, and by saving the time of voters, so they can vote online through a unified link for all chambers of commerce (​). Thus each male and female voter can vote without any trouble or waiting.

This service comes within a series of MCI e-services, aiming at increasing the number of voters in the chambers of commerce and industry.

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Last Modified 16 Feb 2020