653 Shops Booked, for Irregularities related to Arabic,Non-Accepting back of Sold Goods

14 Jan 2013

​MCI supervisory teams pinpointed irregularities related to 653 shops, which did not abide by commitment to use of Arabic language and/or refused to accept back, already sold goods, following extensive 5120 on-field tours.

The step falls in line with the declared MCI policy to remove the expression: Sold goods, by no means, be returned to the shop or traded-in. The motive behind this policy, is to protect consumer's right to return back any deformed, shoddy and non-conformed commodity and the otherwise parallel campaign under the motto: We are Proud of our Language" which asserts the right of the consumer to get vouchers and bills as well as guarantees, in a plain and clear cut Arabic.

These tours go in tandem with the Anti-Fraud Law, consequently, the offending shops has been reported, called in and compelled to abide by Arabicization of bills. MCI is committed, too, to follow up honoring of abidance.

On the other hand, MCI policy to remove, once and all, the notorious expression of Sold Goods, by no means, be returned or traded, in all forms, shapes or sorts, either on sign boards, selling points, ads or commercial brochures and pamphlets.

A shop-keeper or a tradesman is compelled to accept back any deformed good, accordingly, all printouts bearing such expression, should be withdrawn by the beginning of Muharram the 1st 1434 AH, as a deadline to report the offenders.
MCI confirmed that, while using of Arabic is a must, in all establishments, markets and shops' transactions, including their bills, printings, certificates of credit, using of English, as another language, is recommendable, in accordance with the Commercial Data Regulation.
The ultimate objective, is to guarantee consumer's right to, fully, know and be aware of the particularities of all commodities and services, that may offered to him.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018