E-Commerce Council urges individuals engaged in e-commerce activities to apply for a registration certificate

13 Apr 2022


Council discovered fraud and deception cases as well as non-compliance with laws and violation of consumer rights 

The E-Commerce Council underscored the importance for applying for a business registration certificate for individuals who are engaged in e-commerce activities in order for them to continue practicing legally. The Council urged them to respect consumer rights. 

A business registration certificate can be electronically issued at (e.mc.gov.sa.). If the applicant's business activity necessitates a license from another government entity, the applicant must meet those requirements as well.

The Council emphasized that this step is intended to increase the trustworthiness of e-commerce transactions, defend consumer and merchant rights, and eradicate counterfeit businesses. The Ministry of Commerce has recently discovered cases of non-compliance and violation of consumer rights, let alone fraudulent practices perpetrated by some stores run by individuals "who do not have a registration certificate."

According to the Council, the stores that have received a registration certificate must implement the following 13 standards of reliability in e-commerce, namely: 

  1. Have a contact number for communication;
  2. Have an email; 
  3. Provide a chat option; 
  4. Provide secure electronic payment through official banking channels;
  5. Enable the consumer to lodge a complaint online; 
  6. Enable the consumer to lodge a complaint via social media; 
  7. Disclose the exact time to respond to a complaint; 
  8. Disclose the exact time for processing a complaint;
  9. Disclose the exact time of delivery before completing the purchase and indicate this information in the invoice;
  10. The store supports the Arabic language as an option for filing a complaint; 
  11. Use Arabic in chat; 
  12. Display products in Arabic; 
  13. Have a clear and written return or refund policy. 

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Last Modified 17 Apr 2022