MCI, Tightly Controls Foreigners' Manipulated Flour Market, Seizes 92 Tons, 9 Trucks, in Jeddah

13 Feb 2013

​MCI has checked flour availability at Jeddah markets, and abidance by the established prices. The in-field check tours have led to seizure of 92 tons of flour and 9 loaded trucks, which were at avail of an Asian national.

 Capturing of that foreigner, has led to a wider investigation with suspects of collaborating with him, in doing such an illegal business.

MCI stresses on availability of flour commodity in the markets, as well as abidance by the imposed prices. It also, reaffirms that it will carry on with carrying out field tours to oversee transactions in the markets, in order to thwart any attempt to create flour's black market.
Consequently, consumers are exhorted to report any offend, related to fraud or counterfeiting, in order to reinforce its anti-fraud endeavor, by calling the following phone no.: 800 124 1616, in order that it may exercise  applicable rules to punish offenders, who transgress commercial regulations or manipulating markets.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018