MCI continued the inspection rounds and confiscated 40 thousand air conditioners violating the Energy Efficiency Card

13 Jan 2014

​Inspection rounds will start also on stores

MCI continued the inspection rounds on air conditioning markets and shops to ensure putting the  Energy Efficiency Cards on air conditioners  and to punish the violators. During the past few days, 40 thousand conditioners had been confiscated that were contrary to the energy efficiency from various regions of the Kingdom as per the latest statistics. The various types,  models and sizes of  air conditioners that had been confiscated included ( 25413 ) split conditioners  of which ( 5083 ) units lacking of the said cards and ( 20330 ) units having  less than four stars.
In addition, ( 10595 ) window type air conditioners that had been confiscated as well , including ( 3531 ) conditioners lacking the said cards, and ( 7064 ) units having less than three stars .
MCI confirmed the continuation of inspection rounds throughout the year and that the next phase will witness, in addition to the current procedures, withdrawing samples of air conditioning units to be  sent to the specialized laboratories to ensure their compliance with the approved standard 2663/2012 AD , in terms of energy efficiency , noting at the same time a decrease in the number of violating units due to the  commitment of traders and salesmen for not  displaying and selling  air conditioning units that violating  the Energy Efficiency Card .     
MCI had begun  the  inspection  rounds on 01/01/2014 AD after carrying out an awareness campaign describing the aim of the energy efficiency card and that all the commercial establishments should comply with it ,the campaign on its first day had confiscated 3 thousand conditioners, on the second day, the number reached 10 thousand conditioners, on the fourth day the total reached (15433) units.
The Energy Efficiency Card, which was imposed on the commercial establishments to be put on the air conditioners, showed  the minimum of stars that should be available in all types of a/c units , the minimum of four stars should be available for split conditioners and three stars for window type conditioners. 
This comes within the framework of the  joint coordination with the Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency and the  Saudi Standards , Metrology and Quality organization and the Saudi Customs , and a number of concerned  government authorities, in order to improve the energy efficiency in the kingdom , and to design  special programs for  increasing the energy efficiency , and to  overcome the obstacles and difficulties encountered.
MCI calls all consumers for  cooperation and reporting any case of the absence of energy efficiency card on air conditioners in the shops ,  through calling the Consumer  Report Center No. 800 124 1616 .
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