"MCI": Inspection tours on "ceramics" warehouses and stores to check its compliance to the specifications

12 Oct 2016
​Implemented more than 1036 inspection tours and registered 215 commercial violation at different areas in the kingdom
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment implemented inspection tours on 1036 "ceramic tiles" stores and warehouses in different areas of the kingdom in the last three days and registered 215 violations which were 21% of the total of these visits. The inspection teams seized all the quantities that tested in compiling to the Saudi standards and specifications and called out the owners of the facilities to complete the application of the statutory procedures.

The violations were: missing factory's name or logo, and not clarifying the country of origin, in addition to missing price tags and using bills in another language, not Arabic.
The aim of the inspection tours that were conducted by the ministry is to check the conformity of imported materials and locally manufactured materials to the standards and specifications approved in Saudi Arabia, verify the establishments' s commitment to the commercial fraud system and the commercial business data in order to safeguard the rights of consumers and to ensure freeing the markets of any counterfeit material.
According to the system of commercial fraud, that displaying counterfeiting products is considered a violation of the Commercial Fraud system that might be penalized with 500.000 SR fine or imprisonment for two years or both.

The Ministry of Trade and Investment urges the citizens to check the quality of construction materials and ensure the safety of the buildings under constructions.

The Ministry of Commerce and investment will continue its efforts to implement the law and urges the consumers to report any complaints to the customer call center on 1900, or through the smartphone application "commercial report."
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018