MCI, 600 Inspection Rounds Reveal more than 100 Violations to the Infant Milk Pricing

12 Jun 2014
The Inspection Rounds Reflected the Commitment of most of the Commercial Institutions
MCI has Launched today the intensive inspection rounds on the shops and pharmacies in all regions of the Kingdom to verify the application of the Ministerial Decree on the new infant milk pricing. The MCI inspection teams have detected  more than 100 violations related to the new pricing in more than 600 sites including supermarkets, shops and pharmacies, a number of them had been closed and the necessary legal penalties have been taken.

MCI noted that most of the shops and pharmacies had complied with the new infant milk pricing in most regions of the Kingdom. 

MCI emphasizes that it will continue its inspection rounds to ensure the absence of any violation in the pricing of the infant milk, as well as to respond to the consumers reports to minimize any manipulation in the prices.

MCI has announced recently that the Ministerial Decree subjecting the infant milk to the rules of the provision organization in the extraordinary situations, and the determination of the maximum price limit will go into effect on Wednesday, 13/08/1435 AH, indicating that the decree has been issued for the implementation of the rules of the provision organization and due to the unjustified raising of the infant milk prices compared with the neighboring countries and as a result of the violating marketing practices and agreements and for not reflecting the subsidy provided by the State to the prices of these products.

MCI calls on all the consumers to report about the sale centers that sell higher than the fixed price or violate in not putting the price tag, or any violations related to refrain from selling or impose restrictions on the sale or storage in order to raise the prices, through the Report Center (1900) or through its Web site, or through the smart phone applications.
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