93% of Shops Selling Ramadan Consuming Items are Committed to Regulations, as Announced by MCI

12 May 2019


MCI Inspectors have Carried out more than 5000 Inspection Tours in Various Regions of the Kingdom

The inspection tours carried out by MCI inspectors revealed that more than 93% of the commercial establishments had committed to Commercial Data Systems and the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law.

MCI has pointed out that the inspection teams have carried out inspection tours on the markets to control the goods and products usually consumed in Ramadan, also to follow-up the availability of such products, besides monitoring the prices. The inspection tours included 5,022 commercial establishments in different regions of the Kingdom.

The results of the inspection tours showed that 4,692 establishments had committed to the regulations. This represents 93% of the total establishments subject to inspection, while the total number of non-committed establishments reached 330. This represents 7% of the total Est. Instant violation notices had been given, and those responsible have been summoned to complete the legal procedures.

Lack of a price tag has topped the list of violations, also refraining to give an invoice, as well as offering expired products, and the difference between the price on the shelf with that with the cashier.

These inspection tours are part of the seasonal work plan of the Ministry during the Holy Month of Ramadan, in order to control the markets and outlets in different regions of the Kingdom, and to ensure the availability of commodities usually consumed in Ramadan and the existence of their alternatives, as well as verifying their validity, besides monitoring any cases of commercial fraud or manipulation of prices, and to take legal actions towards any effects on supply and demand, in addition to verifying the reality of promotions, competitions and discounts.

The Ministry confirms that the inspection teams will go on in performing their duties to monitor and control the shops and markets, to ensure the absence of any violations, deception or misleading towards the consumers, and to take all legal measures against any irregularities, and to impose the necessary penalties on violators.

MCI calls on all consumers to lodge their complaints through MCI Consumer Call Center (1900), or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report,  or via the official website of the Ministry.

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Last Modified 13 May 2019