MCI Opens an Office in Rabigh for Commercial Registration Services and Market Control

12 May 2014
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has opened  a new branch in the province of Rabigh to serve the customers in the Commercial Registration Services, such as renewal,  cancellation, modification and adding data for the commercial institutions and companies, as well as following-up and supervising  the markets and responding  to the complaints and reports of the consumers. This is due to the need of such services in the said province and its related villages. 

The customers  in the province of Rabigh bother to travel to Jeddah to finish their transactions at the  Ministry branch  there, but With the new office, the citizens can take advantage of these  services easily in the province of Rabigh and its related villages, namely: Khlaiss, Mastourah, Sa`abar,  Thoul  and others. 

This comes in the framework of the Ministry 's keenness and interest to provide its services in various regions of the Kingdom, to overcome all the difficulties facing the customers, trying to finish their transactions easily, along with the intensive control over the markets, the protection of the consumers and applying the regulation. 

This also comes in light of the E- Services and Technology launched by the MCI recently to facilitate the procedures, to finish the transactions easily and to shorten the duration of time for the customers in the commercial and industrial sectors.
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