Gas Stations, in Violation, Shut down in Jeddah, Tabuk and Qatif, as announced by MCI

11 Jul 2017
​Using Powder to Change the Color of Gasoline, Manipulation in Liters Calculation, non-Conformity to Saudi Standard Specifications Monitored
MCI Inspection Teams proceed their work by checking and inspecting the fuel stations in various regions of the Kingdom to ensure their conformity to Saudi Standard Specifications and the absence of commercial fraud that may threaten the safety of consumers.
On Tuesday 11.07.2017, MCI inspectors shut down a gas station in Jeddah after monitoring the use of red powder with gasoline pumps 95. Samples were taken to check the quality of gasoline, and confessions, signed by the station labors stating the use of red powder in fuel tanks to change the color of gasoline, taken. The Inspectors observed that the said station supplies only one type of gasoline (91 - green), while it sells both types (95-red & 91-green).
The inspectors monitored as well the existence of a suspicious case of cover up, also a number of illegal labors working in the station. Coordination was effected directly with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development branch in Makkah , while the owner of the fuel station was summoned by MCI for taking the legal procedures,
On the other hand, MCI inspectors shut down a petrol station in Tabuk on Monday 10.07.2017, on the road to Medina, due to manipulation in the gasoline liters calculation , and there were four pumps non-conforming to the Saudi Standard Specifications, since the liters and price meter is not clear to consumers. The owner was summoned by the Ministry branch to complete the formal procedures.
In response to a tip sent by a citizen through the application of a "Commercial Violation Report", a fuel station was inspected on King Khalid road in Tabuk on Sunday 09.07.2917, manipulation was detected in the calculation of gasoline liters supplied to the vehicles. Therefore, three pumps were immediately shut down, while the owner was summoned for taking the legal measures.
On Sunday 09.07.2017, MCI Inspection Teams shut down a gas station in Al-Shati Quarter in Qatif, Eastern Province, containing 14 fuel pumps non-conforming to Saudi Standard Specifications, this is after being examined. The owner was summoned by MCI to complete the legal procedures.

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