Minister of Commerce & Industry Extends Real Estates' Committee Gratitude to Minister of Justice

11 Mar 2013
​Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. TAWFIG FAWZAN ALRABIAH, extended, in his name and on behalf of the members of the real estates' committee, appreciation of the Minister of Justice, who is also the Chief of the Supreme Magistration Council, for the outstanding role he played to settle, as fast as possible, a dispute related to the selling of Jauharat Al-Sharq land lot scheme.
The minister has exerted utmost efforts to overcome all obstacles, in order to sell the land lot to the Public Pension Agency and the General Organization for Social Insurance, in a record time, in addition to contributing to refund equities of more than 4000 subscribers, praying that may the Almighty Allah, reward him and wished him all success.
On the other hand, the Dr. ALRABIAH, reaffirmed that the committee is going ahead with finishing all pending land schemes, and that as soon as possible, it will finish with some of it and receive their revenues, as they are at their final stages, at the judiciary. He called on all concerned, to show cooperation and solidarity, to end the suffering of the entire subscribers.
Noteworthy, the committee has deposited equities and profits of the schemes, in subscribers' accounts.
Furthermore, it has asked related subscribers, who are yet to restore their rights, to review the nearest branch of Al-Bilad Bank, holding their IDs, the original documents of their subscription, in order to reclaim their accrued entitlements.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018