MCI Closed a Commercial Establishment in Buraidah Misleading the Customers by Claiming Recruitment

11 Mar 2014

​This Comes as a Continuation of the Ministry`s Efforts to Confront the Establishments that are Practicing Fraud and Manipulation on Customers


MCI had closed a Commercial Establishment in the city of Buraidah, after it became clear that such Est. was misleading the customers through fraud action by claiming it was specialized in  recruitment and providing manpower.
They  signed contracts and received money from a number of citizens regarding that, they failed to meet the terms of the signed contracts. Therefore, the affected citizens submitted  a complaint to MCI , which immediately took the initiative to go to the said Est. and made the necessary closure. The owner was summoned for investigation and taking the necessary legal procedures against him.
The closure of the involved Est. came after verifying its violation to the Commercial Registration System through practicing an activity that differs from the licensed one, as well as for violating the Anti-Fraud Combating System, as well as submitting unreal offers to customers.
This comes as a continuation of the MCI role in confronting the Commercial Establishments engaged in fraud and manipulation practices on the customers by submitting misleading offers and information to get money.
The Ministry pointed out that the closure of the said Est. will continue until all issues about the violations are settled and giving back the rights to those affected.
MCI had closed during the last period a number of Commercial Establishments in some regions of the kingdom after verifying they practiced fraud and manipulation on the citizens by taking their  money in vanity, where stern measures had been  applied against them.
MCI stresses that it will not tolerate in applying the regulations against the violators and manipulators on the rights of citizens.
MCI calls on all Companies, Establishments and shops for cooperation in applying the Rules and Regulations and responding to the citizens` complaints to achieve justice in the market.
MCI hopes that all consumers would report their complaints and observations to the Report Center in the Ministry on the phone No. 800 124 1616.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018